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Carnival Phantasm Review

Carnival Phantasm Review

Carnival Phantasm anime series cover art
Carnival Phantasm

Fate Meets Tsukihime

Carnival Phantasm (カーニバル・ファンタズム) is a series that combines Type-Moon’s various works into one. The biggest of these works is obviously the Fate series. And, the second biggest is Tsukihime. So, if you ever wanted to see these two series smashed together, Carnival Phantasm might be for you.

Of course, Fate and Tsukihime aren’t the only two Type-Moon series. But, as far as I know, they were the only two with much content in Carnival Phantasm. I could be wrong about that since Fate is the only Type-Moon series I’m familiar with. I might have thought characters from another series were from Tsukihime.

But, I didn’t notice anyone like Shiki Ryougi from The Garden of Sinners. And, that’s despite her being listed as a supporting character for this series on MAL. So, I guess a lot of other Type-Moon series characters were in the background.

Gilgamesh messing with Artoria (maid) from the anime series Carnival Phantasm
Gilgamesh messing with Artoria (maid)

Now, as someone who hasn’t watched (played?) Tsukihime, those characters were interesting to me. They’re new and therefore fun. Arcueid is the least interesting, much like Artoria in Fate. But, the other girls are pretty cute — specifically, Akiha, Kohaku, and Hisui. There’s also Ren, but she didn’t have much screen time. She might have shown up once.

So, this is leading into one of my main issues with this series. Each character doesn’t get that much screen time because there are so many characters. The one with the most screen time might have actually been Cú Chulainn (Lancer).

Overall, though, it felt like the Fate characters were in the spotlight a lot more. And, that could be because there are so many more of them. But, for me, I already know all the Fate characters pretty well thanks to Fate/Grand Order. I’d rather see the “new to me” characters more.

Not What I Was Expecting

It’s time for the second major complaint I have about Carnival Phantasm. It doesn’t actually mix the characters from different Type-Moon series very much. For example, we never get to see Artoria and Arcueid interacting with each other. The main crossover interaction is Shirou and Shiki.

In many cases, episodes are dedicated to characters from one series or the other. There are Fate episodes and there are Tsukihime episodes. There are episodes with both. But, even those episodes tend to be split up into different segments built around one of the two main series.

That’s not at all what I was expecting from Carnival Phantasm. I thought it was going to feature all the characters mixed together. I thought I was going to see some wacky hijinks with characters who have never interacted before. But, that’s not what I got and it’s disappointing.

Souichirou and Medea from the anime series Carnival Phantasm
Souichirou and Medea

With that said, it’s not as if there isn’t wacky hijinks in the series. There absolutely is — that’s still what the anime is about. We got to see the Fate characters participate in a gameshow and a race. And, we got to see the Tsukihime girls play beach volleyball.

If you’ve seen Carnival Phantasm, what are your thoughts on this? Did you go into the series expecting there to be more crossover content? Were you fine with the lack of crossover content? And, which Type-Moon series were you familiar with before going into the series?

It’s possible that my opinion of the series could have been very different if I was more familiar with Type-Moon works beyond Fate. So, keep that in mind if you’re considering watching this series. It could be like Fate/Apocrypha, which I think is a lot more fun if you’re already really into Fate/Grand Order.

Focusing on the Good Parts

Alright, so far, I’ve said a lot of things I didn’t necessarily like about Carnival Phantasm. But, I don’t want you to think it’s bad. It’s not. I enjoyed it and I think it’s good. So, what’s good about it?

The first thing I liked is that the episodes are only half-length. They’re 14-minutes long including the OP, ED, and next episode preview. That’s bad when it comes to giving characters screen time. But, it’s good when it comes to keeping a series like this from getting stale. The episodes don’t overstay their welcome.

Something else I liked is that the series is funny. It would have been easy for it to try to play too much to the Type-Moon fandom. It definitely plays to that. But, not to the point that it stops being funny, which I’ve seen some other comedy series do.

Arcueid Brunestud wearing a bikini from the anime series Carnival Phantasm
Arcueid Brunestud wearing a bikini

The episode in which Heracles goes shopping for batteries was a good one. That might be my favorite of the series. It plays on inside jokes from Fate. But, the core comedy of the episode is something that anyone can enjoy. It’s absurdism and physical comedy.

My favorite skits from the whole series, however, are the Grail-kun skits. I think there were three of them in total. In these skits, a character comes to Grail-kun with an issue they need help resolving. And, in every case, Grail-kun’s solution is to give them a knife and tell them that violence is the answer.

Of course, I can’t leave out some of the more obvious things I liked about Carnival Phantasm. The OP is good — and fun. And, because this series is all about Type-Moon properties, it has a lot of cute female characters. That’s never a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

I gave Carnival Phantasm a 7/10. As I said, it’s a good anime. It certainly has things that could be improved. But, overall, I liked it and would recommend it to Type-Moon fans. Even if the only Type-Moon series you’re familiar with is Fate, you’ll still probably like it.

Watching this series also made me want to watch the newer Fate/Grand Carnival. From my understanding, it’s the same thing but focused on characters from FGO. So, I assume I’ll like that one even more. Who knows when I’ll actually get around to watching it, though.

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Spy x Family Season 2 Review

Spy x Family Season 2 Review

Spy x Family Season 2 anime series cover art
Spy x Family Season 2

More of the Same Old Thing

Spy x Family Season 2 is not the same as Spy x Family Part 2. At least, not technically. Spy x Family Part 2 is the second cour of the first season of the anime. It follows Spy x Family.

This review is of Season 2, which follows Spy x Family Part 2. Got it? I’m sure you do. But, I know the search engine algorithms are going to struggle with that. I’ve already seen it firsthand with Mushoku Tensei. And, this is why we should get rid of this “Part 2” nonsense.

Okay, but also, Season 2 is the “same” as Part 2 because that’s how this series is. There’s no real development at any point in Spy x Family. At least, there hasn’t been, so far. That’s why I’m not interested in it anymore.

Yor, Loid, and Anya on a train from the anime series Spy x Family Season 2
Yor, Loid, and Anya on a train

Why do we need what’s effectively three seasons of the same exact thing? I wouldn’t say the plot has progressed at all. The characters definitely haven’t developed and are still pretty one-dimensional. And, the series continues to fall back on the same jokes and gags instead of trying anything new.

I thought the first season as a whole was good. The second cour definitely started to drag as I realized nothing new was happening. But, even then, the series was still novel enough to keep me mostly interested. That novelty is gone. Throughout this season, I was always dreading having to watch the next Spy x Family episode.

Now, I also want to point out that this season didn’t introduce any new characters. Well, none that seem like they’ll be recurring, supporting characters. So, it didn’t even get a novelty boost from that. Introducing a new character is an easy way to mix things up.

Spy x Family Manga

Spy x Family Manga

Keep up with the Forger family in the Spy x Family manga! Loid, Yor, Anya, and Bond are always up to something new.

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Cruise Arc

This was such a bland season that I honestly don’t remember most of what happened in it. I remember that bond saved another dog from a fire. Damian & friends survived in the wilderness. And, there was the cruise arc. The cruise arc is the most prominent feature of this season.

Yor has to go on a “business trip” aboard a cruise ship. The cover is that she’s wining and dining some important people. But, in reality, she’s protecting the family of an informant as they flee the country. This means she’ll be fighting plenty of other assassins.

Anya also wants to go on the cruise, which, as you can assume, is bad for Yor. She can’t have her family there just in case something goes wrong. What if they happened to see her fighting? How would she be able to explain that away? She wouldn’t.

Yor Forger from the anime series Spy x Family Season 2
Yor Forger

Well, unfortunately for Yor, Loid decides to turn this cruise into a family vacation. Though, it’s really only a vacation for himself and Anya. Yor’s going to be working the whole time. And, while she does that, Loid and Anya are going to be enjoying themselves on the ship.

So, this arc has two pretty distinct halves. On one side, there’s a lot of Yor action content, which is good. I felt like we hadn’t been getting enough of that. And on the other side, there’s the Loid and Anya slice of life content. That’s not as interesting because it’s similar to the content we usually get.

But, I’ll admit that the fact that this arc takes place on a cruise ship is a slight bonus. Yes, all the complaints I brought up in the previous section still apply. However, at the very least, the setting of this arc is different.

How Long Can Spy x Family Last?

With the first season of the anime, Spy x Family became an international sensation. In only two years, it got three cours of TV anime and a movie. That’s a lot of animated content for one series.

The only other series that really compete with that are long-running shounen series. Think of things like One Piece. Some anime with multiple seasons get one season every two years if they’re popular. And most others have even longer breaks between seasons if they get more seasons at all.

But, is this the path Spy x Family is on a sustainable one? I don’t think so. And, there are a few things I’d like to point to to prove why this is the case. There’s the pace of the releases, the reception, and the mangaka’s feelings about the series.

Loid carrying Yor and Anya while they sleep from the anime series Spy x Family Season 2
Loid carrying Yor and Anya while they sleep

Okay, so to start off, as I said, the release pace is fast. That’s not inherently a bad thing. But, to me, it seems to be signifying how the producers view the series. Spy x Family was very popular on release. So, capitalize on that popularity while it lasts by pumping out content.

In general, sequel seasons of an anime receive higher ratings than their predecessors. That’s because people who don’t like the series drop it. So, those reviewing a sequel are more likely to be dedicated fans. We don’t see this with Spy x Family, though. Every season is rated lower than the previous one.

This implies that for most viewers, the novelty is wearing off fast.

Finally, as you may know, the Tatsuya Endou, the mangaka, doesn’t exactly like Spy x Family. It’s not the series he wanted to make. But, he knew it would be profitable. So, even the mangaka isn’t very invested.

Final Thoughts

This is going to hurt some people. But, Spy x Family Season 2 is a 5/10. It exists. It’s fine. And, on a technical level, it’s good. However, the quality of the animation and things like that don’t matter when the content itself is stale. And, that’s why I have no intention of watching the movie or any future seasons.

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The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You Review

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You Review

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You anime series cover art
The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

One of the Best Anime of the Year

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You (Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo / 君のことが大大大大大好きな100人の彼女) is a really long title. So, for the rest of this review, I’ll be calling it Hyakkano for short.

If you read my article on the Top 5 Anime of 2023, you’ll know that I consider Hyakkano one of the best anime of the year. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was. But, it definitely deserves the ranking I gave it.

There are many great things about Hyakkano. The two most important are that it has a lot of cute girls and that it’s genuinely funny. I’ll talk more about the cute girls later in this review. So, for now, let’s focus on the comedy of the series.

Hakari and Karane gushing over Rentarou from the anime series The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You
Hakari and Karane gushing over Rentarou

I haven’t laughed at an anime as much as I laughed at Hyakkano in a very long time. Not every character is funny. But, Rentarou, Hakari, and Karane definitely are. Rentarou’s comedy tends to come from his absolute love of his girlfriends. And Hakari’s comes from her obsession with Rentarou. And Karane’s comes from her tsundere nature.

Some of the less funny characters include Shizuka and Kusuri. But, they still have their moments. For example, the way Shizuka says things can be funny. Like, how instead of saying she can’t swim, she says she’s not skilled at naval combat.

And, the funniest thing Kusuri ever did was when she created medicine for the other girlfriends. Specifically, the medicine she made for Karane was “bust-biggening medicine.” We never got to see Karane take this medicine. But, the fact that it’s what Kusuri made for her was funny on its own. Also, you know, the name “bust-biggening medicine.”

The Purest Form of Harem Anime

I’ve seen some other people mention that a new age of harem anime is upon us. In these new harem anime, there’s not one girl who ends up winning. And, there’s not some ambiguous ending in which none of the girls are chosen over the others.

Instead, every girl is the winner.

Hyakkano falls into this category. Rentarou’s harem isn’t a group of girls who are all competing for his affection. They’re all his girlfriends. He loves them all, they all love him, and they’re fine with this arrangement.

But, why? Why does Rentarou have multiple girlfriends and why are they okay with it? Don’t worry, there’s an in-universe explanation for all this. God messed up and accidentally gave Rentarou 100 soulmates. When he locks eyes with one of his soulmates, it’s all over. They’re destined to be together.

Hakari, Shizuka, and Nano at the pool from the anime series The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You
Hakari, Shizuka, and Nano at the pool

Some people might not like this format of harem anime where every girl wins. But, it’s kind of ideal. No matter which girl is your favorite, you don’t have to worry about her losing. Your favorite girl will always win. But, that’s not the only benefit of this format.

Because every girl wins, it means there’s a lot more variety. We get great content for all of the girls. You don’t have to settle for just one. Let’s say that Hakari is your favorite, but you also like Karane and Nano for different reasons. You won’t miss out on that Karane and Nano content.

Now, I haven’t watched it, but I’ve heard that Girlfriend, Girlfriend also falls into this category. However, there are some major differences between that and Hyakkano. That only has four girls to choose from — this has 100. And, that’s animated like a slideshow, while this isn’t.

Ranking the First Six Girlfriends

Hyakkano Season 1 features the first six of Rentarou’s girlfriends. So, let’s rank them from best to worst.

It’s hard for me to choose a best girlfriend. But, I’m going to go with Hakari Hanazono. She’s one of the first two girlfriends of the series. She’s also one of the funniest girlfriends and has my favorite personality of the group.

In second, I’m putting Karane Inda. Depending on the day, I’d put Karane in first place. She and Hakari are that close — it’s hard for me to choose between them. Karane’s physical appearance is more my type.

Hakari and Karane are also in a relationship with each other, which only makes them even better.

Rentarou and his first six girlfriends from the anime series The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You
Rentarou and his first six girlfriends

In third, I’m going with Shizuka Yoshimoto. Shizuka is one of the two tiny girls of the group. She’s not exactly what I’d look for in a girlfriend. But, she’s cute and pretty entertaining — especially during the pool episode.

Hahari Hanazono comes in fourth. Not only is she an older woman, which is a plus. But, she’s Hakari’s mother. Rentarou isn’t just dating six girls by the end of this season. Two of his girlfriends are mother and daughter. That’s pretty great.

Kusuri Yakuzen is fifth. Along with Shizuka, she’s one of the tiny girls. However, this is only one of her forms. She takes medicine to make her look this way. And if she takes reversal medicine, she goes back to her “big” form. I think the best thing about Kusuri is how she enables the other girls.

Nano Eiai is the worst of the first six girlfriends. She doesn’t really have much in the way of personality. She’s robotic and looks like a white-haired Komi-san. So, she’s not my type in any way.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Hyakkano is an 8/10. If you’re a fan of harem or rom-com anime, you need to watch this one. It’s both one of the best of the genre and one of the best of 2023. And, I’ve also heard that the author is committed to implementing all 100 girlfriends.

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Shy Review

Shy Review

Shy anime series cover art

The Shyest Superhero

Shy (シャイ) is a new superhero anime that’s nothing like My Hero Academia. To some of you, the fact that it’s not like MHA might sound like a positive. But, it’s actually not. It’s like if you took all the good parts (the cool fight scenes) out of MHA.

Of course, a lack of cool fight scenes doesn’t make an anime bad. Most of my favorite anime are drama anime. Those usually don’t have cool fight scenes. And, Shy is a drama anime, as well. Though, it’s still not what I would call a good drama anime.

Anyway, the series is about Teru Momijiyama, a high school student in Japan who’s also a superhero. Her hero name is Shy, which I have to say is a pretty bad name. Did she name herself that? We don’t know. But, it’s an extremely accurate description of who she is.

Iko Koishikawa and Teru Momijiyama from the anime series Shy
Iko Koishikawa and Teru Momijiyama

Teru doesn’t do well in public settings. She’s not good at talking to people and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. And yet, she’s a superhero. But, it’s not like she chose to become a hero. Instead, this role was forced upon her.

Despite this, Shy is proud to be a hero. She might find wearing her hero uniform in public embarrassing. However, she’s happy that even someone like her can help others. She likes being a role model for children. This is why she wants to get stronger. She wants to be able to help and inspire more people.

There’s one little problem with Shy being a shy and weak hero, though. She’s the only hero Japan has. I guess it’s a good thing that Japan has such a low crime rate compared to some other countries. But, what if there’s a major disaster?

Every Country Gets One

Shy being Japan’s only superhero isn’t unique. It looks like every country gets a single hero. And, I shouldn’t need to point out how strange that is. I mean, even if we’re only looking at a country the size of Japan, how is one hero enough?

Throughout this first season of the series, we meet a few other heroes. Most of these heroes come from countries much larger than Japan. Spirit is Russia’s hero, Meng Long is China’s hero, and Stardust is the United State’s hero. And, then there’s Lady Black, who I believe is Germany’s hero.

Alright, let’s talk a bit about these other heroes. Lady Black is a decent hero. Her ability has to do with healing and there’s not too much more to say about her. Meng Long is similar in that he (not she) isn’t that important to the story. His ability has to do with putting people to sleep.

Pepesha "Spirit" Andreianov from the anime series Shy
Pepesha “Spirit” Andreianov

The problem I see with the heroes really shows up with Spirit and Stardust. Though, I want to say that this issue could still apply to Lady Black and Meng Long. But, to me, the issue is far more apparent with the Russian and American heroes.

So, what’s the problem? They’re caricatures of the countries they come from. Pepesha Andreianove, or Spirit, the Russian hero, is named after alcohol. She’s also an extreme alcoholic who drinks entire bottles of vodka like it’s nothing. This kind of characterization makes it hard to take the series seriously.

David Wonder Jones is the American hero Stardust. He has the best hero name. But, he too is a caricature of the US. He’s a Hollywood movie star, a rockstar, and a self-professed psychopath. Now, that’s not as offensive as the Russian being an alcoholic, but still.

Villains and Weird Framing

The heroes aren’t the only ones I have an issue with. There are also the villains, led by Stigma. We don’t know that much about Stigma at this point. He looks like a young boy and we know he wants to turn the world into a children’s paradise.

To do that, he messes with people’s hearts. And, he seems to have even created manifestations of what he finds in those hearts. For example, one of Stigma’s artificial allies is Tzveta. Tzveta is a manifestation of Pepesha’s regrets surrounding the death of her mother.

Speaking of Tzveta, I thought it was a little weird that she was so important. The second half of the season is really all about Pepesha thanks to Tzveta’s existence. Now, this is only the first season of the series. But, precisely because it’s the first season, I expected it to focus more on Shy, the protagonist.

Teru "Shy" Momijiyama from the anime series Shy
Teru “Shy” Momijiyama

Overall, Tzveta is a fine antagonist. I don’t have much of an issue with her. But, then there’s Kufufu. Kufufu is another artificial ally of Stigma. And, her whole thing is that she’s a jester. She fights via slapstick comedy — which really doesn’t fit when the series is trying to be serious.

Finally, there’s one other issue I had with this series, the weird framing. I don’t mean how the story or characters were framed. I mean how the images we saw on-screen were framed. Like, there would be random overlays that made it feel like I was watching a TikTok on Youtube.

Okay, let me try to explain. Let’s say we have a scene of Pepesha and Teru talking. We’ll see them talking in a vertical slice down the center of the screen. And, the extra space will be the same content, blurred. It’s weird.

Final Thoughts

I ended up giving Shy a 5/10. It’s perfectly average. It doesn’t do anything particularly well. I didn’t find the characters all that compelling and there were some odd directorial choices. But, it also doesn’t do anything terribly wrong. It’s not bad, but I can’t say I’d recommend it.

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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Review

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Review

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt anime series cover art
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

The Anarchy Sisters

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (パンティ&ストッキングwithガーターベルト) is a parody series stylized after Western cartoons. It follows Panty & Stocking Anarchy, two angels kicked out of Heaven for their bad behavior. Now, they live in Daten City, where they fight ghosts to collect Heavens (a type of currency).

I don’t remember how many Heavens they need. Let’s just say 1,000. But, if they obtain that many from defeating ghosts, they’ll earn their way back into Heaven. That’s the ultimate goal of these sisters. However, despite wanting to return to Heaven, they don’t take their job very seriously.

Both of the Anarchy sisters are wild. How could they not be with a surname like Anarchy? But, Panty is definitely the wilder of the two. She’s obsessed with sex and sleeps around as much as possible. She even has a personal goal of sleeping with 1,000 guys before returning to Heaven.

Panty & Stocking Anarchy in "angel mode" from the anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Panty & Stocking Anarchy in “angel mode”

By comparison, Stocking seems relatively normal and well-behaved. Rather than sex, she’s obsessed with sweets. Though, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t partake in Panty’s hobby of choice, too. But, Stocking is as crazy about sweets as Panty is about sex. So, she’s not exactly much better in that regard.

There are some other big differences between the sisters. Panty dresses more like a party girl while Stocking dresses in gothic lolita fashion. Panty is also more nonchalant and doesn’t care about most things. Meanwhile, Stocking is the more hateful and aggressive of the two.

But what about their names? Why are they named Panty & Stocking? Well, it has to do with their ghost-slaying weapons. Panty can turn her panties into a ghost-slaying gun. And Stocking can turn her stockings into ghost-slaying swords. The best parts of the series are the scenes of them removing these garments.

Fast-Paced Filth

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first half of Panty & Stocking. I get that this is a cult classic and there are people out there who love this series. But, I was unimpressed by the start. And, a good start is pretty important for anime.

Of course, today, I’ll finish basically any anime I start because, even if I don’t like it, it’s something I can review. But, if I picked this series up and I didn’t have an anime review blog, I would have dropped it. I wouldn’t have made it passed the first few episodes.

Why do I think these first episodes are bad, though? The best way I can describe them is: Fast-paced filth. There’s a lot going on in these episodes visually. But, the content isn’t very interesting. It’s a lot of gross-out humor.

Panty & Stocking in their underwear from the anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Panty & Stocking in their underwear

Let’s consider some of the ghosts featured in these opening episodes. There’s a poop ghost, a vomit ghost, a booger ghost, etc. I don’t find these things funny. I’m not the target audience for the series. And, that’s not a bad thing. But, the target audience for this series feels pretty small.

Now, I can’t talk about filth without talking about the language used in this series. Panty, Stocking, and Garterbelt are all foul-mouthed. That’s part of the appeal of the series. It’s not something you’d expect from an anime. And, it works. Considering who these characters are, it would be weird if they didn’t use language like that.

But, here’s the controversy. Should you watch Panty & Stocking in Japanese or English? A lot of people will say the dub is better. I watched the series in Japanese because that’s how I prefer to consume anime. The characters curse in both, so choose whichever you want.

Better in the Second Half

While I wasn’t a fan of the first half of the series, the second half was good. So, what’s the difference? What changed between the first six episodes and the latter seven? The episodes became less hectic and there was more of a plot.

I believe the Demon sisters, Scanty & Kneesocks Demon, were introduced in Episode 5. But, they play a larger role in the second half of the season. These two are the opposites of Panty & Stocking. They’re just demon versions of the Anarchy sisters, even using the same weapons.

The main reason the Demon sisters are good for the series is that they provide continuity. Most of the series even after their introduction follows a “monster of the week” formula. But, with the Demon sisters, there are antagonists who transcend that formula. They connect each episode to the next.

Panty & Stocking "listening" to Garterbelt from the anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Panty & Stocking “listening” to Garterbelt

Episodic anime used to be a lot more common than they are now. And, you can really see why they fell out of favor when watching Panty & Stocking. As soon as there’s some continuity added to the series, it’s better. It’s more enjoyable to watch and easier to follow.

Now, you may have also heard that a sequel to Panty & Stocking is in the works. It’s called New Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt — how original. Trigger is going to be the studio animating it, which means it should be faithful to this season. After all, Trigger is pretty much the continuation of Gainax.

But, the reason I’m bringing up this sequel is to say that I have high hopes for it. Considering the direction the second half of this season went, it should be a fun watch. And, this is a series that can benefit from the advancements of the past 14 years.

Final Thoughts

I had to give Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt a 6/10. The first half was a 5, and the second half was a 7. So, I think 6/10 is a fair rating. That rating also lines up with how I’d recommend this to someone. If you’re not already interested in it, it’s probably not for you.

One thing that should be for you, though, is the ending song. The song used in the ED is great. I skipped the OP every time after the first. But, I always made sure to let the ED play because the song’s so good.

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